Slow Down, Reflect and Live

WP_20160706_11_23_12_Pro.jpgOften in life, it can be difficult to take our eyes away from what is front of us, our hopes, goals, ambitions. But it is just as important to divert our attention away from that and live in the moment.

Go out and fulfill that bucket list, travel the world, meet up with your friends instead of talking to them online – it’s much better for you to be outside and enjoying the fresh air than being sat at home all the time.

People often don’t want to meet up with people unless they are going out to do something, such as shopping, bowling, watching a film, going out for lunch. But unfortunately, all this comes at a cost – money. Often friends don’t want to meet up if they don’t have money to do ‘stuff.’ Whilst it can be nice to make memories of you physically doing activities you enjoy, you don’t have to have a reason or an activity to do in order to meet up.

One of my best friends, Kornelia, really appreciates this fact. We both understand that being on a tight budget, and also not necessarily wanting to do anything other than chat, that we can just decide one day that we’re going to a park for an in-depth chat. And that is great because we actually engage in conversation with each other and talk about ourselves, rather than getting caught up in whatever activity we are doing. Although it is fun to go tp the cinema or wherever with your friends, you could ultimately do it alone. A long awaited catch up, though? Not so much.

I love to just sit with someone, maybe a packet of sweets or something to eat, and just talk about life in general. It costs nothing, it helps you to know and understand the other person better, and it can help to relieve your day-to-day stresses. Ever since a trip to Kintbury in Year 7, I have learned the importance of taking a step back from life and the bigger picture. Focus on the now, what you can do right now, rather than what you can plan for the future.

I don’t want to have to plan months in advance to meet you, to fit around both our schedules. We don’t need to spend all day, or even lunch, together to have a good time.

Do what you can to live in the now, today! Live in the moment and stop thinking about the future for a bit – you won’t regret it!




5 thoughts on “Slow Down, Reflect and Live

    • HannahGrace22 says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, it is a shame, I don’t have many friends like the one I mentioned from that aspect! Ooo I have news – auditions for the new musical are next week – we’re doing HAIRSPRAY! It’s going to be in Feb next year, and I am honestly so excited!
      Lots of Love from across the sea!

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