Summer Days and Nights | Part 1

4F489079-137A-4DBF-9063-57AF25F79061.jpgHere in England, the summer holidays are fast approaching. In other countries, people may already be on their summer break.

But what do you do when you’re not travelling anywhere this summer?

How do you survive the long days, filled with so much time and so little to do?

I’m trying to provide the solution, with my guide to ‘Summer Days and Nights’. This is the first part of several blog posts that I will be doing about this topic. If you have any of your own suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated in the comments, and who knows, maybe they will be in the next installation.

Let’s start off with my first idea:

Idea Number 1: Baking Party

What You’ll Need:

  • An oven
  • A willing group of friends
  • Your favourite baking recipes
  • Ingredients for your bakes (plus decorations!)
  • Good music
  • Utensils for baking
  • Access to a garden/park (optional)
  • Fairy lights (optional)
  • Bed sheets, blankets and pillows to make little canopy tents to sit in (optional)
  • Picnic basket

Get a group of friends together, and pool together your money to go out and buy ingredients for stuff you want to bake for your ‘party’. (Tip: Check how much of each ingredient you need for all of your baked goods, in order to accommodate for everyone. If you need help working out quantities for a recipe, simply use the website I’ve listed at the bottom, put in your current quantities with the number of servings listed and it will translate it to however many servings you want!) Don’t forget the decorations for cakes and cookies!

When you get back to your/ your friend’s house, stick on some of your favourite tunes and start work. Split the different bakes between you, making sure everyone has a turn at doing something they want (decoration, kneading, mixing, cutting shapes etc.) Rotate if you have to! I suggest making something other than just cakes, try something like Scottish Tablet; Mini Pizzas (a good one, each person can custom make their pizzas) or maybe even some sort of savoury pastries (sausage/cheese and onion rolls or pasties). Why not mix it up a bit and do some sort of combo bake? Maybe make a banana bread muffin with chocolate chips.

On another note, if you’re looking for interesting food combos and to kill your time on YouTube, search ‘Will It? Videos’ by a channel called ‘Good Mythical Morning’ and you will find a whole host of weird and wonderful food combos being tested by these two guys, called Rhett and Link. Soon you will be hooked on their YouTube, just like I am!

However, if you’re not so advanced, I would start with a simple 3 or 4 ingredient flapjack, a basic vanilla or chocolate fudge recipe, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes.

Once you’ve made all your food, you can begin to set up for your party, which is in the garden, preferably the back one for space and privacy. Take fairy lights and hang them along a gazebo, or the washing line.

Take a clean bed sheet and hang that over a washing line and set up a little canopy tent for you all to hang out in. The inspiration for this part was Bethany Mota’s Summer Girls Night Party video, as shown below. For full set up on the tents, watch the video and follow the instructions in it!

Once you’ve set up, you’re ready to party! Put on some tunes and play some party games, such as truth or dare, the donut eating challenges or the chocolate challenge, for some ideas!

If you don’t have a washing line, then make one with some thick twine or rope strung from post to post, or tree to tree if you have trees. If you find any part of this difficult, then I suggest an alternate – a picnic.

Decide on which park you want to go to beforehand, and check there for any possible closing times online. Keep in mind that the later you stay out in a park, the more likely there is to be some kind of danger, so pick with caution. Pack up all of your party food in picnic baskets and head down to your location. Party as before, but be wary of making lots of noise and causing disruption.

Now go out, and have fun! If you do any of these, let me know! Hope you all have a  great summer, and I’ll be back with another installment soon!



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