3 Day Fun Trip Experience: Day 1



A view of the slides at Splashdown (c) Hannah Galvin

Over the past three days, I have been on 3 different trips in a group of around 40 students from Year 9 and 10. I was with my best friends, Mollie, Maddie, Chloe, Jazmin, Sanjana and Ruby; and a couple of my other mates. It was such a fun experience to end the school year, so I’m just going to go into a bit of depth about what we did on each of these days.

Day 1: Splashdown, Quaywest

Splashdown is a local waterpark, so it took about 20/30 minutes to drive down there. There are quite a few water slides, as you can see in the photo, as well as a swimming pool, a shop and various little places to eat. For the majority of the day, I was with Chloe, Jaz ,and Sanjana, as we had lunch together, and hung out for the two hours or so of the trip, by the picnic benches, trying not to die in the heat. The first thing I did was warm up in the swimming pool, with Maddie. Then Maddie and I went to queue for the rubber rings to the rapids, where we were met by Chloe and Jaz. As a group we headed up together – at that point we decided to take advantage of the fact that the queues were relatively short.



Me and the girls at Splashdown! (c) Finley Carney


Two rapid rides later, I decided to try and find Mollie and Sanjana. I find Mollie in the swimming pool with her boyfriend and some of his mates. I am quickly joined by Maddie. I am asked to go on the drop but decline (I’m afraid!). Soon all of us girls (bar Mollie and Ruby who have gone off with Finley and Lauchie) are just hanging out in the pool for a bit. There comes a point when Finley and Mollie call me over from the middle level of one of the stairs- Sanjana is has come off her ring and can’t get back on. Immediately Maddie and I set out on a mission to rescue her, and about 10 minutes later I am able to help her back on her way.

After all this drama we decide enough is enough, and head to the pool with Maddie, Chloe, and Jaz. We hang out there for a bit, wondering where Ruby is. Eventually, she shows up, having had a nose bleed after hitting her head (ouch!). Chloe decides she’s hungry, so Sanjana, Jaz, Chloe and I decide to exit and to get change, and then to grab some lunch. It is at this point that I decide to change into my bikini from my one piece. I wear a top and shorts over it, thinking I may want to go back in later. I found out later that I did not want to.

For lunch, I had a chicken burger with chips, ketchup, and a regular 7Up. I couldn’t finish the drink, so I let Chloe finish it off for me. We were talking quite a bit about stuff, like the music that was playing in the background etc. (which in general, Jaz loved!)

At 2pm it was time to get back in the coach, and on our way back to school – it had been a very fun day – but Woodlands was to come next!


Whenever you go to a waterpark, particularly on a hot day, never forget to pack:

  • Suncream,
  • After-sun gel
  • Cash (for lunch, ice-cream, souvenirs etc.)
  • A camera (taking pictures is always a good idea for the memories!)

Note: Some waterparks do not allow underwater camera for safeguarding reasons etc. Please check you have permission before you bring ones in the water – don’t get caught out by a lifeguard for it, like I was on last year’s trip!

  • A drink (preferably water)
  • Dry clothing
  • A second swimming costume (as your original bathing suit can soon get uncomfortable when wet)
  • A towel
  • Sandals/Flip-flops
  • Your own rubber ring (good to avoid the long queues for rings, but only optional!)
  • A brush or comb, so you can do your hair
  • Small change for any lockers
  • Some sunglasses and hats!

Hope you had fun reading about the first day of this amazing three-day experience! Next installment will be up soon!



PS. If you fancy a shortened version of the three days, from my best friend Mollie’s perspective, follow this link: Last few days of School


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