3 Day Fun Trip Experience: Day 2



From left to right: Me, Mollie, Sanjana, Finley and Maddie (c) Niko James


The second trip was the trip to Woodlands! I think everyone who went (or my friends at least) would agree that it was the very best day. It was also Sanjana’s Birthday, so I’m going to put a special little slideshow at the end of this especially for her!

Day 2: Woodlands, Dartmouth

I had done a lot of preparation for this day – I brought balloons and ribbon for us to celebrate Sanjana’s birthday, as well as her card and her presents – but we’ll get onto what they were later on!

Sanjana arrived the latest, so before she arrived Mollie, Maddie and I blew up 5 balloons and tied them to the green ribbon for Sanjana. When she arrived she was wearing a ‘Birthday Princess’ Sash which triggered my use of the phrase ‘birthday entourage’ to refer to myself and the others when we accompanied Sanjana.

Before we boarded the bus, our head supervisor for the trip, Miss Milner, announced that she had made several slices of rainbow cake. She said that as it was Sanjana’s birthday, she had to give us the slices as we were (evidently) celebrating! It was so lovely of her, and the cake tasted and looked amazing!



Slices of Miss Milner’s Rainbow Cake

Already off to a good start to the day, we all boarded the bus and took about a 45-minute journey to Woodlands. I had a good time jamming to Avril Lavigne! To listen to the album, press play on the Spotify section below!

Once we had arrived and established the group base (there were more schools there than in any other day, ever, as I was informed by one of the guys) down by the waterslides, Mollie & Ruby and Chloe & Jaz both took two rides each, whilst I filmed it and Maddie and Sanjana kept a careful eye on the girls’ bags. Next, we decided to go on the Sea Monster. At first, I was a little bit apprehensive about going to the top, but luckily there were only spaces in about the middle sections of each side. We went on the ship 3 or 4 times and on the final ride (at least in that part of the day!) I decided to let my fears go, and ride with Sanjana in the top. I absolutely loved it, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again – so it just goes to show that you have to try things because you never know if you will end up enjoying them!

Then we went down to the bumper boats, where I was lucky enough to be paired with the birthday girl again! We had a pretty good time, I was steering and tried my best to avoid the inevitable collision between the boats of Lauchlan & Niko and Mollie & Maddie (only at Sanjana’s request – I didn’t mind crashing into the other bumper boats!)

13709944_833590943442750_6012976709452377904_n (1)

Me and Sanjana on the bumper boats! (c) Niko James

The next stop was the mirror maze. I had such a laugh listening to Sanjana constantly ask what was and wasn’t a mirror. My advice was that if you can’t see your reflection in it then it isn’t a mirror!

Then we went into the indoor play area, where first Mollie, then Mollie, Ruby, Finley, Sanjana, and Ivantony went onto the Trauma Towers. In the video at the bottom, you can see Mollie is really enjoying it! The funniest part was when Sanjana couldn’t get into the seat at first! (Sorry for including it, but it was just too good!) Or maybe it was the excellent dabbing skills of Mollie, Ivantony, and Finley?!


From left to right: Finley, Ivantony, Mollie, Ruby and Sanjana having the time of their lives on Trauma Towers at Woodlands

Maddie, Sanjana and I took a trip out the pedal boats (Sanjana took the back because it was her birthday, and Maddie and I pedalled) and it was very hard work!



Me and Maddie on the pedal boats (c) Sanjana Shibu


Now to get onto presents! I bought Sanjana:

  • A magenta heart pillow (you can buy it here: Heart Cushion)
  • A lily and orchid artificial flower bouquet (buy it here: Lily and Orchid Bouquet)
  • Several pictures of us printed at the photo booths in Boots
  • A box of Thornton’s Chocolates and a chocolate message that said ‘Sanjana’ wrapped up in a red ribbon (get the tag here: Personalised Chocolate Gift Tag and the chocolates here: Thornton’s Chocolate)
  • And the balloons, of course! (get a pack of 20 pearlised balloons from Sainsbury’s here: Pearlised Balloons x20 to match mine for your special occasion!)



Balloons! (One in each colour!)


I made extra sure that the chocolates were suitable for Sanjana as she is vegetarian! Always check before buying friends food items that they are suitable for their allergies; intolerances; and vegetarianism or veganism.

She also got several emoji related items from Mollie and various things from other people!

Let me tell you Sanjana, you deserve absolutely everything you got and more! We have been close for 4 years now, and you are genuinely amazing! Love you!

Mollie, Sanjana and I decided to share a 12″ four-cheese pizza. I may have burnt my fingers, but it was delicious. I finished my meal with a plain flapjack and an Oasis. We had a good lunch with Maddie, Finley, and Ivantony. I left my hoodie behind on my chair, but luckily it was still there when Niko, Jamie and I went back for it! Ivantony wasn’t so lucky, he lost his wallet which contained £7 and unfortunately never found it again 😦



Our four-cheese pizza (c) Sanjana Shibu


Maddie, Sanjana and I (you can tell who are afraid of rides in the group by this point!) looked after the bags and listened to music whilst Mollie, Finley and Ivantony went on the Avalanche and Junior Avalanche, as you can see in the video. I am terrified of things like that, so it is unlikely you will catch me even stood near any of those rides!

Next, we moved onto our second round at the pirate ship. I didn’t go on the first time because I wanted to retrieve my hoodie, but on the second (or third, I’m not too sure!) go, I ended up riding again, this time, closer to the middle as the majority of the spaces were taken.

On the walk up to the tractor rides, we found Ruby and Lauchlan, and so as a group we paired off into the tractors. I was with Ruby, Maddie with Sanjana, Mollie with Lauchlan (her boyfriend in case you didn’t know!) and Ivantony with Finley. It was pretty cramped in the front seats so whilst we were out of the sight of the man operating the ride, I climbed into the back seat (we were told not to leave our seats) and then quickly jumped back into the front again shortly before the ride ended.



Me and Ruby on the tractor ride


Getting to the end of the day, we decide that there isn’t enough time to go on anything else (the queues are too long!) and so Mollie stops off for a slushie and Finley for a coke at a shack, whilst the rest of us (now joined by Niko and Jamie and having lost Ruby again) lounge on some benches under their umbrellas.

Mollie, Maddie, Sanjana, Finley and I get a collection of group photos taken by Lauchlan and Niko. The ones by Niko were taken on my phone, and Lauchlan took the ones on Sanjana’s phone.

Having got back on the coach at roughly 2:15, we head back to school. Several miles from our destination, we begin to smell diesel throughout the coach. A couple minutes later, smoke begins to pour from the engine, so we stop slap bang in the middle of the dual carriageway and all quickly vacate the bus.



‘Best part of yesterday was actually when we almost died on that road’ – taken from Finley’s Facebook Post from 20th July 2016 (c) Finley Carney

Stood on the side of the dual carriageway and with no immediate way out, (it’s illegal to walk along the dual carriageway) we wait. Luckily, instead of having to catch my usual bus home that day, I was set to go to McDonald’s with Mollie, Maddie and Sanjana so time isn’t really an issue. Sanjana decides to call her dad to get us a lift, but just before he arrives, the second ‘rescue’ coach arrives to take us back to school, at which point we are picked up and dropped off at McDonald’s, where I had a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade.


And that was the end of an incredibly fun and eventful day! Check out the video and slideshow below to get a little bit more of an insight of the day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you enjoyed reading! That’s all from me for now! Please spread the word about my blog and leave me a comment, it would make my day!




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