Summer Days and Nights | Part 2


It’s time for my second installment of Summer Days and Nights! My second idea is a scavenger hunt!

This was inspired by several videos, firstly, Joe Sugg and Jim Chapman’s collection of London Scavenger Hunts for Daily Mix on YouTube, and also the music video for Bridget Mendler’s ‘Ready or Not’. I especially love Jim and Joe’s Scavenger Hunt Videos, as they are hilarious, interesting and just seem very fun! I really recommend checking the videos out, either for fun or for inspiration! In case you do, I’ve linked the playlist of the videos below; there are five, each in different areas or with different themes!

Idea Number 2: Scavenger Hunt

What you will need:

  • 4+ friends to split off into multiple teams
  • A checklist of items to buy/take pictures of (get someone who isn’t involved to sort this one out!)
  • Pens to check off items
  • A location in which to carry out the Scavenger Hunt
  • Timers (on phones or stopwatches – ensure that all the timers are synchronised for fair play)
  • Emergency Number (in case something goes wrong)
  • Cameras/receipts as evidence
  • Basket/box to carry collected items
  • Budget (optional, according to how many items, and how much they roughly cost if you doing a ‘buying challenge’)
  • A base (meeting point for the start and finish)
  • Prizes for the winning team (optional)
  • Theme, eg. beach, ‘food and drink’ (optional)

Step 1: Start off by establishing rules, such as how long you have to complete the hunt, what you need to bring back to the ‘base’ at the end as proof, checking all the necessary equipment is there, such as cameras, money, pens, checklists etc.

Step 2: Split the group up into teams (I suggest team sizes between 2-4 people in each) for the hunt. You must work together to collect the items/take the photographs as required, but you may split up, provided you arrive at the meeting point as a whole team. For this to work successfully, I suggest fully charged phones with credit on them for every sub-team.

Step 3: Begin the hunt. It may well be that you have to do some rather funny things in public, for example, pose with a statue or ask a person behind the counter of a shop for some unusual items. Remember that this is all part of the fun, so enjoy it! Memories are being made.

Step 4: Check off each task as you do it. Remember to think ahead about what you could do and where you could go for your remaining items on the list. Don’t forget to keep track of time, as points will be deducted for teams that are late.

Step 5: Return to base. Each item on the list rewards a total of 2 points (except for the very difficult ones, they’re 5 points each) and the completion of a list within the time limit generates a 20 point bonus!

Step 6: Reward the winning team with some prizes, and talk about all the funny things that happened along the way!

Top tip: If you have bought food as part of a scavenger hunt, why not have a little picnic party celebration afterward?

Below, I’ve included an example of a scavenger hunt list that I’ve made myself. Feel free to use it if you wish, add to it and edit it to suit you!

Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 17.26.29

Please let me know if you end up having a scavenger hunt with your friends by leaving me a comment! If you like this post or the rest of my page, please spread the word – it makes all the difference! I’ll be back again soon!

Happy hunting!









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