Ten Travel Tips #1


I’m currently on holiday in the Philippines! I have published this using the scheduling feature in WordPress. Nifty, eh? 😉

I have travelled quite a lot in my life, I have visited over 20 countries in 15 years, some multiple times. All I can say is that I’m an extremely lucky girl and that I really value and appreciate the knowledge and culture I have been exposed to in these experiences that my parents gave to me.

I’d like to pass on some of my favourite little travelling tips to you so that you can plan ahead for your holiday too! 🙂

  1. Bring entertainment for the flight – we’re talking books, games, music, tv shows or whatever keeps you entertained, especially for long haul flights. Never rely on the plane entertainment, they tend to repeat the same films and shows several times, and it may well be something you hate. A really excellent traveller would be super savvy with their packing and bring along a kindle, phone or tablet just loaded up with their favourite show, movies, music and books galore. It’s cheaper than physical copies, and also much lighter on your luggage! You’ll soon find the flight is almost over after the first series of your favourite show.
  2. Invest in a power bank – you never really know when your phone battery is going to die, and it’s tough to plan your life around getting to the mains. Bringing this will mean that you don’t have to worry about your battery dying before you check your bank account, emails or take photos on your trip! I would suggest doing some research for this one and reading articles/shopping around to get the best quality banks at a decent price.
  3. Use money belts and neck pouches – this year for our trip, my dad purchased two money bags and two neck pouches, so that we have ways of keeping our important possessions on our person at all times. Trust me, the experience of being robbed is not pleasant; the last time I went to the Philippines, we had the contents of my mum’s bag stolen after the robber had cut through the mosquito net on the window! Luckily all the very important things (passports etc.) were locked away safely. Take advantage of safes in hotels if they have them! You can buy the money belts here and the neck pouches here.
  4. Travel guides – To keep it light, photocopy and print important sections of travel guides or download digital travel guides to your devices. Alternatively, purchase a pocket travel guide if you feel the need to take it all with you. Always take a look at the contents of the travel guide before you leave, and check you have had the necessary vaccinations, medication etc. before you go.
  5. Roll your clothes – this tip is simple, prevents wrinkles, creates space and costs nothing. In order to create more space, gently massage any creases out of the item of clothing, then roll up before packing into the suitcase. Simple!
  6. Download apps that contain your vital info in case of an emergency – when things do go wrong, this could really make all the difference. These apps contain your medical and personal information; your main point of contact in case of emergency; an image of you and various other features, depending on what app you use. This is especially important for people with medical conditions/allergies. For my Windows Phone, my go-to app for this is Emergency Kit. Everyone should get this app, it is simply amazing! For Android and iOS, I’m afraid you’ll have to shop around! If you find any good ones, let me know in the comments 🙂
  7. Bring (noise cancelling) headphones or ear plugs – travelling can be a long and tiresome process, so you should try and get yourself some sleep. Unfortunately, in noisy places, like the airport and on long haul public transport, this can seem impossible with the constant noise and bustle. Ear plugs/noise-cancelling headphones can be an absolute life-saver when you really just need a little time to rest in the middle of the chaos that travelling can be.  Eye masks can be helpful too!
  8. Don’t be too full on with sightseeing etc. – take some time to recharge as said in a recent blog post of my German friend, Frederike. You can find that excellent blog post here. Remember that whilst taking in culture and visiting people is good whilst you’re travelling, you also need some time to rest yourself; holidays are meant to be about taking that step away from the busy, working part of life, so reward yourself with a few days off here and there to relax! You’ll feel much more energised for the rest of your travels, and it will make you happier and healthier when you return to your day to day life. To make a further point, don’t book too many attractions/activities, as you then feel obligated to do particular things on certain days. Instead, only book in advance for the really big tourist attractions, and save other days for a little of your own exploration time, to find things in places you never expected.
  9. Pack a pillow case – this is useful for separating your dirty laundry from your clean clothes, and also so you can get those clothes cleaned whilst you’re away without any suspicious looks from people. Simply put all the dirty stuff inside the pillow case. Furthermore, take a scarf with you and stuff (another) pillow case with it to fashion a makeshift pillow for long and uncomfortable journeys!
  10. Travel Diary – Make a little bit of time every evening or so just to jot down the highlights of your day, so you can remember your travels as they happen. This one is really invaluable. I think other than photos, there is no better way to record your holiday, and remember all of the special and funny memories you make, that you may forget amidst all your travelling. Some really good travel diaries also have sections for emergency details, booking information etc. There’s also a pretty good website called Travel Diaries (probably only good for if you have constant or pretty regular wifi connection whilst you’re away). If you wanted to, you could simply type it up in a word processor and put it into something like this when you get back. This website even can get your diaries printed in a proper book if you wanted to document a really important holiday! I think I’m going to make a travel diary as I travel as notes on my phone, then make it a new feature of my blog. Comment below if you’d like to see that!

And that is my first instalment of Ten Travel Tips! I hope you found this useful, enjoyed reading, and I will have another auto-publish blog post up soon!

Hope you’re having lovely holidays!




11 thoughts on “Ten Travel Tips #1

  1. StephJ says:

    I could not agree with this list more. So many awesome tips. I have to say I do most of these things while travelling, however I really need to invest in noise cancelling headphones. It is so hard to rest on planes they are so freakin loud.

    Liked by 1 person

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