My Everyday Essentials

InstagramCapture_c436fd64-2980-433d-b0ee-ec3c137e7fb0.jpgHey, guys – I’m here with another auto-publish blog whilst I’m away on holiday!

Today’s blog is a quick (well, by my obsessive blogging standards) one, about my everyday essentials.

If you would like to see a video version of this (what’s in my bag? style) then let me know in the comments!

  1. Hand sanitizer – I always love to have this on hand, because you just don’t know when you will or won’t have access to hand washing facilities when you need them (before eating etc.) My current go-to hand sanitizer is the Strawberry & Raspberry Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel (100ml) from Superdrug, which you can get here for 61p. Other favourites of mine include the Bubblegum and Strawberry Laces Carex Hand Gels which you can find out more about and where to purchase here.
  2. Body spray – especially this time of year, you can become very sweaty, and subsequently, a bit smelly. So I can always stay fresh, I usually take my Vanilla Kisses Impulse Spray with me, and also my I love… Raspberry and Blackberry Refreshing Body Spritzer, and layer the two up. Usually, when I pull out my spray, I share it with my friends as well, as they do with me.
  3. My wallet – it contains a pocket for loose change, a section for notes and receipts and card slots. As a person who uses public transport every day for school, this is an absolute essential for keeping my bus pass with me at all times. I also store my club/rewards/membership cards which are for:
    • Superdrug
    • Costa Coffee
    • Boots
    • Local Library
    • Subway
  4. A camera – this could be my phone camera or one of the several digital cameras I have at home. When I go out, which doesn’t happen *that* often, I always want to document my memories as they are made, and my favourite way of doing this is taking pictures. I often get my favourite photos processed at the local Boots so I can put them into my photo album.
  5. Headphones – for when out and about, I find that my favourite pair of JVC Gumy Purple In-Ear Headphones are perfect: they cancel noise and they fit very comfortably and effortlessly into my ear. Furthermore, the volume I have to turn my phone up to is minimal, due to sound boosting!
  6. A pack of tissues – you have no idea how many situations this has saved both myself and my friends from. Spillages, colds, tears – you name it and the tissue has solved the problem.
  7. And finally, a compact brush and mirror, because you never know when you have to reapply that lipstick, check your face after eating or make sure your hair looks neat and tidy.

So, that was my list of everyday essentials ☺

I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll be back again soon with another blog!



PS. Shoutout to Gabrielle ❤ You are amazing for always being there, and also making your kind comments about my blog! Love you 😍


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