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Me in my dress for my cousin’s wedding ~ 24/09/16



First of all, I’m sorry about my absence from this blog for a while! I’ve been super busy with school, and unfortunately, in my final year, a focus on my studies has to come first! Still, I will try to update as regularly as possible 🙂

So I really, really wanted to do some sort of tag with other WordPress users so that the reader can get to know me, and hopefully some other bloggers, and therefore we can support each other. Inspired by a 30 Questions tag I saw on Facebook and played personally with one of my best friends, I felt that maybe I should do something similar, except for the fact that there are just going to be facts about me rather than set questions to answer. So for the 15 Facts About Me (Tag), I will be tagging two of my favourite bloggers and friends, Sara and Frederike. These two are great and you should definitely check their blogs out!

  1. My middle name is Grace, which is also my mum’s name. Grace is an English name, said to come from the Latin word ‘Gratia’ which means ‘God’s favour’. Not only does that resonate with me, as a Roman Catholic, but it also matches perfectly with my first name, Hannah, which is Hebrew, and means ‘God has favoured me,’ in reference to God giving Hannah a child, Samuel, in the Bible.
  2. My last name, Galvin, has two translations, one Celtic/Irish and one French. The Celtic/Irish means ‘bright white’, and the French translation means ‘cheerful drunkard’, which is not only hilarious but also nothing like me, as I personally hate the taste of any alcohol whatsoever, at least for the moment.
  3. I have FOUR ‘favourite’ ice-cream flavours, they are:
    1. Cookie Dough – because I just love the chewy cookie dough and chocolate chips with the vanilla ice-cream – the brand HAS to be Ben and Jerry’s!
    2. Strawberry Cheesecake – it’s got the delicious strawberry sauce and the cream cheese ice-cream just topped off with a sprinkling of biscuit crumbs! It’s so good and combines my two favourite deserts: ice-cream and strawberry cheesecake!
    3. Mint Choc Chip – again, I’m all about those chocolate chips and I just love the taste of mint ice-cream. I think the combination of the two creates this really lush, fresh and tasty flavour. This probably explains why I’m also a fan of Mint Aero Bubbles, and After-Eights!
    4. Toffee Fudge – I especially love Marshfield’s Toffee Fudge Fiasco ice-creams that they serve at my school, the fudge is so soft, chewy and sweet and the sauce with the ice-cream just makes eating it an incredible experience.
  4. I love to travel the worldI have visited over 20 countries over my 15 1/2 year life. My favourite place in the world is probably Singapore or Ireland, both of which I visited in the past year or so. Singapore is absolutely stunning, there are so many beautiful buildings and the light shows are amazing, furthermore, it is so clean! Ireland is so green, but there is so much to see, and it is beautifully natural, which I something I love.
  5. I am in love with music – I could name so many good songs off the top of my head, but I think ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Keane; ‘Standing In The Dark’ by Lawson; ‘All Too Well’ by Taylor Swift’; ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay and ‘So Close’ by Jon McLaughlin just take it for me. Musical perfection.
  6. I also love reading; some of my favourites include ‘Pride and Prejudice‘, ‘The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight‘, ‘My Life Next Door‘, ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before‘ and ‘Between The Lives‘.
  7. I don’t drink straight-up coffee. I actually hate straight-up coffee – but I like coffee cake and have been known to indulge in a frappe, frappuccino or latte. In fact, I love the Eton Mess Frappe from Coffee #1 and all of the Creamy Coolers in Costa. It is for this reason that I have a Costa Card. I once ordered an iced coffee by mistake at Legoland Malaysia. I still drank it all, though. Sad times.
  8. My favourite types of TV shows are comedies. I love Miranda, Citizen Khan, Not Going Out and Outnumbered, just to name a few. However, one thing I do watch on boxset is Heroes – please check it out: when I have time to watch it, I am obsessed!
  9. I have been to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. I saw Women’s Gymnastics; Men’s Wheelchair Basketball and Paralympic Athletics. I want to go to Wimbledon, but other than Basketball, Gymnastics, Tennis, Cycling and Badminton, sports honestly do not interest me all that much.
  10. I have never been to a major music gig/festival. This makes me very sad, but looking to go to Glastonbury 2019 with my best friend Jazmin or maybe a Lawson or Coldplay Concert in Birmingham, Plymouth or Bristol. I plan to gig a lot in my future.
  11. I have never been in a relationship. But you know, that’s okay with me, I’m 15, still young with plenty of time for romance. For now, my main focus is me. My motto is “I want to establish myself as a person before I let anyone define me.” I wrote that myself in a deep conversation with Jazmin, once. Feel free to use it, but credit me 😉
  12. I apparently give excellent relationship advice! Yes, in spite of the previous statement, I have been praised by my friends for my sound relationship advice. In fact, on several occasions, I have given advice to my friends’ S/Os rather than my friends themselves. I like to counsel people and to talk it out.
  13. The only pets I have ever had are fish. Not even tropical ones. What’s even sadder is that they died so often that:
    1. Some of the fish shared names with predecessors such as: ‘Bubbles’. How awfully original!
    2. I have had too many fish to count or remember the names of.
    3. I couldn’t even tell most of my fish apart! 😦
  14. I love to watch YouTube. YouTube is basically my equivalent to Jazmin’s (or most of my other friends’) Netflix. Some of my favourite channels are Good Mythical Morning; Collins Key; The Merrell Twins; Claudia Sulewski; Alonzo Lerone, Rhett and Link; ThatcherJoe and Jim Chapman. I also love watching baking videos, they are a bit of a guilty pleasure. My favourite baking channels are How To Cake It; Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio; MyCupcakeAddiction and kawaiisweetworld. I also love web series on YouTube like The Commute (with Steffan Argus and Claudia Sulewski), T@gged, Royal Crush and various others. Be sure to check all these out!
  15. I think something is wrong with me if I don’t cry at least once about every two weeks or so. I really feel much better and emotionally vulnerable – something that I think it is important to be. I like to explore my emotions, and I cry at almost every film I watch, so it usually isn’t difficult. I have a playlist on my phone called Tears that is comprised of songs (sad AND happy) that make me cry. I think it is important to highlight that feeling sad is okay and that it really helps you to appreciate happiness. I have another playlist called Happy Days made of really happy, upbeat songs that make me happy. 

Well, that was 15 facts about me! What surprised you the most?

Thank you to my readers, I love you all!




31 thoughts on “15 Facts About Me (Tag)

  1. takingonthew0rld says:

    Yes cookie dough ice cream is just the best and you just give good advice in general not just relationships. You should become some sort of advice expert! (I’m sure there’s a name for it but I can’t think of it-ahaha) 😊


  2. Kristine says:

    This is actually a nice tag! I also love watching YouTube videos, few of my favorites are PewDiePie, CutiePieMarzia and How To Cake It too (don’t you get so hungry just watching her mouthwatering cakes though!) haha. And yes, omg cookie dough ice cream are realllly good!! And nice meeting you xx you look lovely on that blue dress ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hannah Grace 2001 says:

      Thank you very much! ❤ How To Cake It is just one of those things that you just get such satisfaction out of watching haha! ❤ Thank you so much for following, nice to meet you too 🙂 And thank you so much, that dress truly is my favourite! ❤ 🙂 xx


  3. Following Him Beside Still Waters says:

    Hello there! My first name is Grace; nice to meet a fellow Grace. 🙂

    I have also never been in a relationship, and I’m in my mid-twenties. Love your motto. The way I see it, when // if I am supposed to have a boyfriend, He will make it happen. So until then, I will enjoy being single. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ann says:

    All Too Well by Taylor Swift has to be one of my favorites there is. I really don’t know what song of Taylor Swift’s I don’t like tbh. But the version of All Too Well from the Grammy’s has to be my favorite. I may or may not cry every time I hear it. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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