Autumn Photo Shoot

Today my younger sister, Cecilia, and I went into the woods at the top of our street and decided to have a little autumn photo shoot. One of the reasons I wanted to take the pictures was for the October Book Challenge on my Instagram feed, but we soon started taking many other pictures that I ended up loving. Here are some of the best:


Rope Swing #1

In the woods near where we live, there is a rope swing that we always like to go to (even though I’m a little bit too tall for it now). I love how happy my sister looks in this picture



Getting pictures of a person jumping is extremely difficult – so I’m glad one of my jumping pictures turned out well. I love how perfect my sister’s hair looks still when she jumps, in a way that mine never could! She almost looks surprised which I kind of like.


Pink Books #1

What I like about this is that although the books look a little bit out of place, they actually contrast very well with the colour of the stump and it’s almost like they are coming back home (because books are printed on paper, haha!)


Reading Mail

I first thought of this idea when we passed the postbox up our street and thought how perfectly a book would fit into the slot. I love the look of postboxes and I just thought how nice it would be to send someone you love a book to read in the mail. And for those of you wondering, the book did not end up being posted – we were very careful about making sure that didn’t happen.


Hidden Eyes #1

I like the natural colours of my sister’s beautiful hazel eyes with the green leaves. I feel like a lot can be drawn from this picture, it’s so mysterious and I just love it!


Rope Swing #2

I think I love this picture because my sister just looks like she’s having so much fun, and I also caught the motion of her jump, just the moment before she starts flying around on the swing! πŸ™‚


My new favourite reading spot

I think a bench in a woodland is just a wonderful idea – people can come, sit and reflect; maybe read a book and experience real peace. I love the ideas of manmade things that are crafted from the surroundings.


Pink Books #2

Mostly due to the reasons for the picture above this one, I thought that we just had to take a reading shot. It seems so serene and almost like the picture is a slice of time, a piece of someone’s day to day life.


Light breaks through the trees

The lighting today was some of the best that I have had to work with. I simply had to take a picture of this, something about looking up into the trees is so captivating and fascinating. I love the fact that it is focussed in the foreground, but the background isn’t; for me that gives a good sense of the tree branches being layered.


Pink Books #3

Again, I thought that a reading shot would be good – this tree was found right by the rope swing and I just thought it would be cool to read a book, cosy under the shelter of this tree.


My Sister

I chose this because it made me think about how beautiful my sister is πŸ™‚


Walks in the woods

I just love taking pictures of people walking, and I quite like the look of the fence near the entrance. My only concern was being able to see the rather ugly looking road, but thanks to the sunshine it is hardly visible and gives an effect that I rather like.


Hidden Eyes 2


I just am in love with this picture. The way my sister just looks straight on into the camera but still appears to be ‘hiding’ part of herself is just brilliant. Her makeup is always excellent (she taught me to do my makeup, is that odd considering I’m older?) and I think in this case it really makes her gorgeous eyes stand out.

So, those were a few of my favourites from my Autumn Photo Shoot in woods. Which one was your favourite? Comment down below which one and why, and also if you would like me to do more photo shoots in the future.

Special thanks to my fabulous model, aka my sister! ❀



17 thoughts on “Autumn Photo Shoot

  1. Following Him Beside Still Waters says:

    Wow! They are all fantastic; you’re talented with the camera! πŸ˜€ I think my favorites are the two of your sister’s eyes as well. I love your new reading spot, too. πŸ˜€ And the way the light comes through the trees is so pretty! β™₯ (By the way, there was a lot of squinting involved with the photo of the stack of books and the photo of the book and the mailbox. I was trying to read all of the book titles. XD )

    Liked by 1 person

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