The Daily Prompt: Volunteer

I decided today that I would take part in WordPress’ Daily Prompt, which is Volunteer.

The link is here!


Today’s prompt actually resonates with me today, because when I was dropping off some books to the Kids’ Emporium (Cancer Research UK Charity Shop for Kids) this afternoon, I started thinking about how I could give back to society through charities in other ways.

Having done the Race for Life (5K) in 2012 with my cousin and sister, and various other fun runs since then, I decided I would like to do something a bit different from what I have done before.



My Race For Life Medal


Last year, some friends of mine organised a fashion show, held in my school’s hall one Friday evening, to raise some money and awareness for Breast Cancer. This cause was very close to my heart. ❀ They asked me to be a model which was a truly thrilling experience, and I was so glad to be part of it. Something about raising money for a worthy cause is so wonderful and fills you up with warmth and happiness ❀ πŸ˜€


The Fashion Show (I’m third from right!) (c) Madison Burnard


Now it’s my turn to make a difference in little ways. As if by magic, my opportunity appeared. I looked in the window in one of the local charity shops, and there was a sign that read: ‘Help! Volunteers needed. Pop in for a chat.’

I saw this as a calling. Although I have not yet been inside, as I was in a rush, I know that when I next go into town, I will be applying to help out there on the weekend. I am very excited about all the good that can come from me volunteering, the lives that I can save in helping out at the shop that helps to pay for that life-changing research. Furthermore, I will be able to get some work experience and be able to gauge what managing studying alongside a weekend job will be like.



One of my fashion show outfits


So, what do you think about this exciting new chapter?





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