Thinking Of You // Travel Tuesday

Everybody should read this! ❤ It is so beautiful and well written. I sobbed reading it 😥 Really got to my heart, and it makes em grateful that people are still making the written word something that hits you right there! ❤

Sunshine In Wanderland

I´d like to share a little poem with you. It´s very personal…this is what I felt when I was in Le Cap D’Agde. The last verses are new mixing in current emotions. The whole thing is lighened up with wonderful photos of Cap D’Agde. This way you can think yourselves into me sitting there…thinking…


Thinking of you,
sitting here,
on the rocks,
the sun stroking me gently,
like you once did.


Thinking of you,
Oh, how I miss you,
looking out at the sea,
trying to guess what´s behind the horizon,
eyes wandering, to the mountains and back.


Thinking of you,
your eyes,
my gaze lost in the molecules of the water,
stretched so wide and powerful,
beyond my sight.


Thinking of you,
so far away,
miles stretched between us,
I should have left thoughts behind,
I should have left you behind
but still I´m

Thinking of you,
out here, marvelling at…

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