An Important Message…

I originally wrote this for the Paris Attacks. I have thus extended it in the wake of the incident in Berlin this week, as I feel that this message is very relevant, and always will be. It would be a great help if you could share this, and feel free to add your own input if you wish. We can all do our bit to fight terrorism in our own little ways.

I love Tori Kelly, and I feel that her version of ‘Colors Of The Wind’ is almost an anthem for the message I want to send. We need to live in harmony with one another – listen to what each other say, learn to understand one another and allow each other to grow in love. ❤

I’d like to say that we have lost so many innocent lives recently that it is breaking my heart. I cannot even begin to imagine how horrendous this massacre must have been for those who were there. I have heard so many stories from survivors about the lengths they and other individuals went to in order to try and save each other. People like that are the kind of people who make this world a livable place when things like this happen. The world is being hit by too many terrorist attacks, and it seems at times like we’re further away from peace ever, and it seems as though we should give up hoping for peace. It’s at times like these when I really hold those I love close, and I appreciate everything I have been given, especially friends and family.

It’s so important to remember that acceptance, that love, rather than hatred, will result in the end of this conflict. It can be so difficult, wanting to find someone to blame – any one person, ethnicity, religion or another group in society to blame. But we can’t. Because we will end up being more torn apart than ever. We need to stand together in order to defeat this threat. We need to break free from the stereotypes that lead to more and more hatred, more and more segregation.


Whilst we can’t be living in fear, living in terror, waiting for the next act of terrorism to strike, we can do things every single day to reduce the threat. We can be more loving to one another – more accepting of those who are not like us. Wherever you are tomorrow, show someone that they are not alone. Smile at them in the street, help them with their shopping. One random act of kindness can turn loneliness and hostility into love and acceptance. That could be the difference between radicalisation. We need to accept people so they don’t want to turn away, so they aren’t made to feel like they are not part of our community. We need to educate young people about how important caring for our fellow humans truly is. You don’t need to sacrifice anything – quite on the contrary, you will earn something, a warm feeling like no other – just for caring for someone else.

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Remember that you are always loved. Justice will be found one day, and though man may struggle, there are people who make your life bearable. Live your life to the full every day, tell those near to you that you love them often and spread positivity wherever you are.

“Love conquers all.”

I will always pray for a peaceful world, and I hope you do.




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