Emotion (Original Poem)


Droplets of rain mix with tears from my eyes,

Mascara runs to the darkest of skies,

Why is it so wrong to be feeling this way,

To be broken yet whole, to feel mad and yet sane?

I wanted the sunshine but you gave me the storm,

I asked for the roses yet you gave me the thorns.

And my dream’s slowly fading, turning to dust,

I know not what I should do, can do or must.

Priorities change like weather and mood,

What is really important just can’t be a feud.

So what can I do when I don’t want a fight,

When I’m simply standing for what I think is right?

Droplets of care mixed with pinpricks of guilt,

Lilies are blooming that soon may wilt.

I don’t want to say goodbye, yet I want a hello,

I’m grabbing my future, just yearning to know.

  • – Hannah Galvin 2017

15 thoughts on “Emotion (Original Poem)

  1. If only you knew.... says:

    This is absolutely stunning and well-written! I love all of it, and every single line too! This is the type to of poetry that I could wish I write:ABSOULTY AMAZING PERFECT PEOTRY! outstanding job! I’m glad I found your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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