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I was nominated by the lovely Ann of Ann’s Reading Corner! I love her blog so much, and she is absolutely lovely, so go and click that link and check out her posts! 🙂 She also celebrated her 2 Year Blog Anniversary today, so huge congratulations to her, and I hope for many years more of her blog! 😀 

Describe Your 2016 in 3 Words:

Refreshing, Exhilarating and Terrifying

Write the Name of 2 People that Have Characterised Your 2016:

This one is a tough one – I think that the two people who have characterised my year are:

  1. Mia from La La Land (although I only saw the movie about 3 weeks ago) – in the film, Mia has a dream of becoming a famous actress, but she doesn’t have the support or means that are needed to get her there. Throughout the movie, she is gradually given the boost and inspiration to get to where she needs to be. This year, I had a goal – to find out what it took to be a Town Planner, my current career goal. When it came to my work experience week, I could not find a placement. I went to my careers advisor, and she gave me the necessary guidance and details to get my dream placement, with the planning department of the local council, and as a result, I had one of the best weeks of my life 🙂 I can’t thank my careers advisor enough for that!
  2. Sam from My Life Next Door – not because I’ve fallen in love with my neighbour, but because I’ve learnt who my real friends are, and that the longevity of a friendship shouldn’t be the determining factor in whether you remain friends or not. If you don’t fit together, then just spend some time apart, like Nan and Sam did. Maybe you’re meant to be with other people, but that’s okay 🙂 I learnt that this year, and I doubt I could be happier with my decision ❤

Write the Most Beautiful Place You Visited in 2016 and Why You Liked It So Much:

Coincidently enough, I visited my favourite place in the entire world for the first time in August 2016. Singapore has got to be one of the most stunning places in the entire world – it is so clean, everyone is so friendly and the landscapes are absolutely stunning! I can guarantee you will never be bored, and the food (especially from the Chinatowns) is exquisite. I had what is known to many as a numinous experience, a type of religious experience that I find so difficult to describe. Basically, I had this overwhelming feeling standing by the river, overlooking the light show coming from Marina Bay Sands (pictures of that below) that this was just absolutely stunning and could not have just occurred with no divine intervention, that some greater being had to have created this, that being God, according to my Christian beliefs. ❤

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I also had the best time ever on the Singapore Flyer, which is the World’s 2nd Biggest Giant Observation Wheel (165m) and is quite significantly larger than the London Eye, which is the world’s 4th Largest GOW, 30m smaller than the Singapore Flyer; at Sentosa, a resort island of Singapore which legitimately has everything you could ever want (a huge cinema, aquarium, Hard Rock Cafe, a waterpark, beaches, zip lines)! Plus I got a picture on my 2nd F1 Track, the one used for the Singapore Night Race which is actually my favourite!! I cannot wait to go back to Singapore someday, I had the best 3 days of my life so far there! ❤ ❤ By the way, it has been so hard for me to be selective about the photos I’m going to add below! I’m trying to make this post about the tag, not entirely about Singapore, so I apologise! 🙂 ❤

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Write the Most Delicious Food You Tasted in 2016:

This is so hard 😦 It is so so difficult to pick just one food to single out! But if I had to pick one, it would probably be the garlic foccacia from my local Italian Cafe ❤ 🙂 That stuff tastes absolutely lush, drenched in herbs, garlic and olive oil!

Write the Event That Had Marked You The Most in 2016:

Leaving my old friendship group for my current one. It was just something I had to do and felt so much better for – my new besties are people I can’t imagine being without and I feel much more included ❤ 😀 Or maybe starting this blog, which I must say has changed my life and I have met so many amazing people through here ❤


My lovely peeps ❤

Write the Finest Purchase You Made in 2016, and If You Want, Link A Photo:

I’m not the kind of person to make big purchases. At all. But, if I have to choose one, I’d probably have to say my printed photos ❤ I love them!


Write One Place You Want to Visit in 2017:

Again, a super difficult question, and also something that is out of my control, at least for the most part! I would absolutely love it if I could go to Germany (I have been, but only to the Black Forest), Dubai or Amsterdam. If I get good grades in my GCSEs, then I get to choose a location of my choice to travel to, and currently, it’s looking as though I might be planning a trip to Amsterdam! We’ll see 🙂

Write One Plate/Food You Want to Eat In 2017:

I found a recipe for Chicken Finger Mozzarella Sticks under the Tastemade Story for Snapchat. It looks absolutely unbelievable and I would love to try it! I would also love to have a pesto pizza again like I did with my cousin in Cambridge just over a year ago!

I Tag:

It’s getting a bit too late into the year to nominate anyone, but I give everyone the opportunity to do it who may still want to!

So, how was your 2016? Is 2017 shaping up nicely for you? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂




5 thoughts on “2016/2017 Tag

  1. Ann says:

    You are too sweet! Loved your post and all your answers!
    I had always wanted to go to Singapore because of how beautiful it has looked and it seems like such a great place to go and relax. Chicken Finger Mozzarella Sticks sound delicious. I have never heard of anything like that and I really want to try one now. I would have never have guessed to put these two together but when I think of it, it sounds really good together.
    Hope you have a great year!

    Liked by 1 person

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