Original Poetry Shorts

I am a great lover of poetry, especially that of Kayil York and Tyler Knott Gregson. Every now and again, I feel really inspired to write my own poetry, so I wanted to share a few of my own poems today with you guys. If you really enjoy it, let me know in the comments and I’ll upload some more ❤

Just to clarify, not all poems are written from my own point of view, or necessarily from a female perspective. It is your choice to interpret and analyse them as you wish.

“SWEET words are lost on me, if you do nothing but spit them out without a care of the consequences of what they mean. Let silence speak for you, let us communicate through the intricate dance of our hands fumbling to find one another and bridge the gap between our two pulses.”

“I WAS taken like a leaf in the wind, helpless to your strong attraction. But the wind dropped, as did my leaf, which was crushed under your foot – unbeknownst to you – like the tiny pieces of my shattered heart.”

“THE pain of not having you near is slowly starting to ebb and fade. Just when I think I can move forward, a sharp pang of ‘I need you’ set off by just the sight of you sets me back to square one. I write of you in the hope that the poetic, metaphorical figure of you will satisfy my need to leave you in my past as I leave my words on the page. I’m not there yet – just a few more stories, songs and poems, and the entirety of time.”

“MY anchor when the seas of life get wild, she calmly grounds me to a state of calm.”

“TO love through necessity, through pure need, means so much more than to love through want. Let be be the patient in need of treatment – your kisses my remedy, your touch my only hope.”

“WHY did her heart break so much in that moment? Even then, she knew she’d love again. It just hurt to see that another person she had taken her time to care about was ready to walk away. And somehow, she felt she had no choice but to let them.”

“I AM tired. Worn so paper thin, just waiting for the spark to set my heart on fire, to make me alive again.”

“I FOUND an old album of mine, tucked under the cluttered paperwork and remnants of our love. Within that album was a fading polaroid of me laughing and him looking at me with indescribable love and admiration. Like he could love no more than he loved me in that moment, that small slice of time. And I knew in that moment he loved me, and only me. I wonder why it’s so hard for you to look at me that way. Maybe you’ll find your golden girl someday, but now I know that it’s not me.”

“AT the hands of a composer, the musical ideas spill out of his fingertips and all over his pages and pages of memories. So many people see themselves reflected in his song as they listen to it on the radio, but it is only he who feels the full extent and burden of the lyrics; the cries of heartbreak that became the flowing melody; and the voice break as her abruptly ends his recording session and leaves the booth to hide his emotions from the world.”

“YOU’RE the air. I’m drowning underwater, numb, struggling to keep hold of you, to grasp tight and never let you go. I left the safety of your arms for a dip in the ocean. My curiosity has swept me away from you, and now I’m in too deep. WIth no safety ring, it’s not hard to submit, to lose myself to the riptide and strong current. I look up to find you, to come back to you  and take you all in like the first time I met you. To be lost in you, and yet found; to be found in safety and security. As the water fills my lungs to their capacity, I know that it’s too late.” 

“I AM crumpled and worn, tired and aged and unloved, until you pick me up, smooth me out and write your words onto me like I’m blank, fresh and new again.”

“WHAT you need always ends up being what you want, if not at first/And you realise need is a better word because it is necessity and priority rather than pure desire and craving.”

“HOW strange it is to think that every single thing you do leads you from a path away from someone but towards someone else/No matter how perfect you imagine something to be there will always be something better for you, even if it takes you in a totally unexpected direction/I guess we’ll never know what could have been, but we should just be grateful for what is/Actions, words, timing, circumstance, history: all contributing factors that shape our lives. Rewriting and revising and redrafting the story of us.” 

This last one is inspired by the film, La La Land, which I love so so much… ❤

AS the last bar of the music ended, as the very last note of the timeless melody ricocheted around the room, I couldn’t help but think: ‘Why can’t we have an infinite encore? You will always be more than an epilogue, a footnote at the end of a life of could-have beens.’ As I, feeling equal bouts of nostalgia and elation for you achieving your dreams, took his hand and started to leave the club, to leave your life, I gave you the last lingering look of farewell, the look that says: ‘I’m sorry, and in spite of it all, I will still always love you.’ With that I left with my new love, to pursue the dream you gave me the means to reach, which I always promised you I would commit wholeheartedly to. And though I’ll never hold you again, I wanted to say that you for everything you taught me, and I hope I have helped you along your way in return.”

I hope you enjoyed! What was your favourite poem of mine and why? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you’re having a lovely day, wherever you are. ❤



13 thoughts on “Original Poetry Shorts

  1. Following Him says:

    Wow! 😍 I love all of these! Great job! 🙂 My favorite was probably: “I AM tired. Worn so paper thin, just waiting for the spark to set my heart on fire, to make me alive again.” It really resonated in me. Also, I’m a fan of rhymes – especially when every line rhymes with another like this. 😀

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