Baking for CAS #1: Sugar Cookies

Hello everyone,

As you’re probably aware, I haven’t been doing much blogging recently. However, today’s post isn’t going to be about catching up on what I’ve been up to in the few months I’ve been absent from this platform. I hope at some point I will be able to fill you all in, but for now, I’m going to be putting the focus on my baking. Baking is something I have had been passionate about for a long time now, and recently I have been turning to it more and more as a way to relieve stress, boredom and express my creativity. I decided recently that I would like to take up baking as a CAS experience for my IB. My focus would be on refining my baking skills to become more experimental and ambitious with my baking and also to hone my decorating skills such as piping and fondant work. I’m hoping that writing about my experiences may inspire some of you to get baking and also help me to document my journey. I’m hoping to do one of these posts every 2 weeks or so, with a new recipe each week! This week’s recipe is…

Sugar Cookies

The first time that I attempted to make sugar cookies it was a lot of fun. I’m quite used to making cakes rather than biscuits, so first off, this was a nice change of speed. I stuck rigidly to the recipe so that I could try and nail it the first time around and then work on testing out my own variations on the recipe.

I used this amazing recipe I found on Allrecipes UK by sadieleemia! Full credit for the recipe goes to her, I do not own anything.

Sugar Cookies Recipe

Difficulty Rating: Easy

This recipe is amazing because it is simple and quick. You can have a whole batch done in next to no time, meaning if you’re in the mood for some quick fix baking, this is perfect!


  • Since our kitchen was remodelled recently, things are still a little all over the place and I couldn’t find a whisk! I had to use a large fork instead, which worked fine but my arms got a little bit tired after a while.
  • Also couldn’t find a large mixing bowl so I had to use a casserole pot. This worked fine but it didn’t have the curved sides of a bowl and it wasn’t clear so I couldn’t see if the ingredients in the mixture that were sticking to the side of the bowl had been fully mixed and it was a little more difficult to lift.
  • The first time I made the cookies I decided to spread all of the mix over two reasonably large trays in one batch in the oven. This meant that the cookies took a little longer to bake and also kind of melted together to make one big cookie, which gave them straight sides when broken apart. They were also more crumbly and fragile. Luckily, the second time I decided to split up the mix to go onto two trays in two batches. With a maximum of 12 cookies per baking tray, none of them ended up stuck together the second time around and they were all the classic rounded cookie shape! Success 🙂

Baking Tips:

  • Melt the butter in the microwave a little bit before you add it to the bowl. This makes creaming the butter and sugar together so much easier. Just make sure that you don’t melt the butter for too long or else it will burn! I find it’s easiest to put it in a glass measuring jug and microwave that and then pour directly into the bowl.
  • Try and get even spacing between each cookie dough ball. I found the ones that were spread out more ended up with a slightly different appearance than the ones placed uniformly on a tray.
  • Be generous with the fudge pieces and the chocolate chips. Whoever tries your baking will be grateful!
  • Try dusting the cookies with cinammon sugar or icing sugar to finish them off.

Safe to say, the cookies were a massive success! They went down like a treat with my family and also with my classsmates at school. They were so good that I decided to bake them again the following week, since I had some left over ingredients. I chopped up some country fudge and bought some chocolate chips to add a bit of variation, and the second batch was enjoyed as quickly as the first (in other words, a day after I’d made them, they had all miraculously disappeared!)

Are you a bake-when-bored person like me? What’s your favourite thing to bake? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,





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