Original Poetry Shorts

I am a great lover of poetry, especially that of Kayil York and Tyler Knott Gregson. Every now and again, I feel really inspired to write my own poetry, so I wanted to share a few of my own poems today with you guys. If you really enjoy it, let me know in the comments and I’ll upload some more ❤

Just to clarify, not all poems are written from my own point of view, or necessarily from a female perspective. It is your choice to interpret and analyse them as you wish.

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Emotion (Original Poem)


Droplets of rain mix with tears from my eyes,

Mascara runs to the darkest of skies,

Why is it so wrong to be feeling this way,

To be broken yet whole, to feel mad and yet sane?

I wanted the sunshine but you gave me the storm,

I asked for the roses yet you gave me the thorns.

And my dream’s slowly fading, turning to dust,

I know not what I should do, can do or must.

Priorities change like weather and mood,

What is really important just can’t be a feud.

So what can I do when I don’t want a fight,

When I’m simply standing for what I think is right?

Droplets of care mixed with pinpricks of guilt,

Lilies are blooming that soon may wilt.

I don’t want to say goodbye, yet I want a hello,

I’m grabbing my future, just yearning to know.

  • – Hannah Galvin 2017

No New Year Without You | An Original Poem

“No New Year Without You”

Three days have passed without a single word

Now three days closer to the end of term

I don’t want to leave the halls without saying a goodbye

But it might be too late for me to even get to try

Because you’re not there and I feel numb

Waiting impatiently, growing ever more dumb

This year cannot end without proper farewell

Without the ‘Merry Christmas’ I so long to tell


My Christmas spirit is starting to die

And there is but one reason why:

I need to talk, just one last time

I need to laugh so I won’t cry

So I can tell myself, indeed it’s true

There’s no ‘Happy New Year’ without you.

Hannah Galvin 2016

A Blast Of Punctuation (Original Poem)

The blast of exclamation mark missiles exploding had such an impact that I was thrown several metres back!

The question mark flames melted all the buildings within sight, destroying and consuming all our dreams with them.

So many questions crossed my mind:

Will we ever recover?

What does the future look like?

But most importantly:

Why us?


The exclamation missiles whined through the air, causing explosion after explosion.

I only knew it was the end when I saw the little embers of full stops showering down to the ground, and the asterisks falling like snowflakes, restoring the calm.*


*The end?

Hannah Galvin 05/10/16