Sixth Form/College Essentials and Top Ten Tips and Tricks

With GCSEs Results Day looming around the corner, just one week away, it’s never to early to start some preparation for the next step. I’ve been looking up a lot of different advice videos, spoken to some current sixth formers and have generated some of my own ideas about what I need to do to be on top of my game when I go back to school in September. Like me, you may be unsure about exactly where you are going/what you are doing this coming Autumn. I’m stuck between the choice of doing the International Baccalaureate or normal A-Levels. However, I believe it is best to get a few little things out of the way beforehand so that my decision is much easier to cope with once it is made, given the short amount of time between Results Day and school starting again.

So, here are…

Hannah's Top Ten Tips and Tricks for Sixth Form.png

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Mock Exam Results: What I Learnt

Hey, guys! I’ve not been blogging for ages – this is my first post of 2017! 😦 I feel awful about it, but I’ve been ill recently, had a lot of tests and coursework and rehearsals since I got back to school. Heck, I haven’t even had time to complete one book so far this year 😦 I’m about 4 chapters into The Unexpected Everything! I’ve decided that my usual day for posting will be on a Friday, and if I want to blog any other time in the week I may do that too! I’m just drawing up a final timetable and hopefully, the blog will come together nicely with the little bit of time I’m going to put aside every other day or so to focus on my posts.


Anyway, to the topic of this post…


Many of you will know that I took my Year 11 Mock Exams in December – it was a tough week and a half but I felt confident that I had done well in at least some subjects.


Screenshot 2017-01-13 at 21.59.22.png

Tweeting about my day ahead


Well, I got my mock exam results today! I was so so nervous (especially since they chose today, FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH for my results) but also excited as I have been waiting a while for the results. It was nerve wracking queueing for the paper with my grades on it – I could feel myself bubbling over with a feeling of anticipation – was I about to get my dream grades, or was I going to be left disappointed?

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