Support MHA Campaign – NCS Torbay!

Hello everyone,

It’s time for me to talk about something very close to my heart. Just over three weeks ago I met an amazing group of people through a program I am doing over the summer called National Citizen Service. We went on two 5-day residentials, one covering adventure activities and one covering skill related activities. At the start of the program we were sorted into 3 teams that we would remain in for all team activities for the entirety of the program. Over these two weeks we were able to work out our strengths within a team, in order to prepare ourselves for a social action project.

We decided to make our social action project about mental health awareness, because we felt it was a very relevant topic that everyone would be able to connect to and feel passionate about. We selected our charity to donate our fundraising money to, which is Rethink Mental Illness, a charity that aims to support mentally ill people and their families through difficult times, as well as helping to combat the many stereotypes and the stigma that surrounds mental health.

We plan to do this by holding bake sales, doing bag packing in local supermarkets, hosting a charity football match and doing a 13.2 mile sponsored walk. Hopefully this will give us many opportunities to interact with the public and make them more aware of the many types of and the spectrum of ways mental health can affect people. I know that I have learnt so much already from starting this campaign, especially about being more aware and informed about mental health. So many people I know have stories that I never would have known about by looking at them at a first glance. We have designed a banner for all of our campaign leaflets which looks like this:

Mental Health Awareness (1)

We also decided that we would hand craft 50 boxes to donate to Rethink, affectionately designed and named by us as “Pal Packs.” These boxes will contain items to comfort and support the mentally ill in their darkest hours. With items including small bottles of dried lavender, the scent of which is known to have calming properties; inspirational quotes; hand painted worry stones and a personal, hand signed reassurance message in each, we hope to make someone’s day when they need it the most. These boxes will be about shoe box size, some of which we were lucky enough to have had donated by Clarks and Pavers, which we were very grateful for 🙂


The Pal Packs Logo


Collecting the donated shoe boxes

It would be absolutely wonderful if you could check out our Facebook page and give us a like and share, and even better if you could donate something, however small, to our JustGiving account 🙂 We can see that we are making a huge impact in our local community already, with stories being shared and people reaching out to us to ask to help out and support the campaign.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Currently, we are sharing a new mental health story everyday at 5pm British Time and giving lots of updates on fundraisers and what we are doing daily to build the campaign.

It is so important to talk about mental health, because the more we keep it bottled up, the worse the problem becomes. Just know that you are never alone and there will always be someone to talk to.

Thank you for all of your support,




What’s going on?

I realise that I haven’t been posting on my blog for quite a long time. I am so frustrated with myself for possibly letting any of you down by my absence. I’m so sorry. Hopefully after reading this post you’ll be able to understand why.

So why haven’t I been posting? I’ve  been very busy with summer work, National Citizen Service and my other plans. On top of this I no longer have my chromebook which makes editing photos and accessing my blog to write posts more difficult. Depending on where I am next year for school will determine whether I get it back. I’m also, sadly, lacking the motivation and passion for some of topics I write about. I think it is really important that I am honest with you all – I need to fall back in love with blogging again.

During GCSE exam season I simply got too busy and out of the routine of writing posts, which has made it more difficult to come back to blogging now they are over. Posts that I did write sometimes felt like they weren’t from my heart or that I wasn’t passionate enough about them – whenever I am really passionate about a topic I write about I put in so much effort and work to making an amazing post for you all to enjoy. I feel every one of my posts should be written with those levels of passion and that much work, which has made me really think about what I want to be writing about.

Now onto another point – everyone knows I love a good tag or award but I can’t build my blog on those alone or else there would be no point in me being nominated anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciated being nominated and loved nominating other people for awards and tags, it was just that I had a tendency to use them as posts rather than some of my own ideas and thoughts and feelings on particular topics. I think the best thing for me to do until I get my posting schedule and blog back on track would to be politely refuse any nominations I receive. Again, I apologise and want you all to know that I still appreciate and am touched just as much by you choosing me as if I were to accept the nomination.

Furthermore, it was particularly frustrating when subjects I was passionate about didn’t really generate much of a response. I realise that this is my fault as I had failed to upkeep my blog with regular posts. I did this simply because I prefer to write fewer, longer, more quality posts whenever I can fit it into my schedule.

I’ve also had the frustration of not having stocked up on many photos. As we speak, I now have taken many photos over the summer which will help to support some of the post ideas I have for the near-ish future, detailing my canal boating holiday and my experience with the National Citizen Service, in addition to my GCSE Results if all goes well next week. I’m glad I’ve finally been able to resolve this issue which leaves me in better stead for posting in the future.

So, what is the plan for my blog in the future? Well, next month I’m going to be starting either A-Levels or the IB. I know I will be busy but I’m going to try my hardest to put aside time for my blog and work on developing a niche for my blog. I realise that I have a lot of ideas for posts which I need to streamline. Doing this will help to ensure that I am 100% passionate about everything I write. I want to make a difference with my blog and what I write – to create posts that spread positivity and love, like and that help a community connect over shared passions.

This was a post I never wanted to write, but I felt I had to be honest going forward with my blog after such a long silence. I hope that from now things can start to be different and that my blog will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever struggled with things like this at any point in your blogging journey.

Thank you for always supporting me and my blog,




What I got for my 16th Birthday + Meal Highlights


As you probably know from my ‘Birthday Tag’ post three weeks ago, it was my birthday recently. On Saturday 21st January, the day after my birthday,  I celebrated my sixteenth by having a birthday meal at a local Tex-Mex with my best friends. It was a really great night, where I was surrounded by friends, food and lots of fun! ❤


My outfit for my birthday meal (c) Grace Galvin

I’m just going to touch on all of the wonderful gifts I was given for my 16th birthday from friends and family members, considering they were all so lovely and thoughtful! To me, pricing doesn’t really matter when it comes to gifts. As long as some thought was put into it, that’s all that matters! 😀 I am not in anyway boasting or bragging about my birthday presents, simply thanking those who gave me them and showing you guys, so maybe you can be inspired.

I am not, in any way, trying to boast or brag about my birthday presents, simply thanking those who gave me them and showing you guys, so maybe you can be inspired.

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My New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

New Year's Resolutions for 2017.png

As 2016, arguably a difficult and controversial year for many, draws to a close, I’ve been considering all the ways I can improve myself in the new year. Granted, I may not achieve all of these, as there are many, but I figured it would be a good idea to have a lot of ideas, to thus motivate myself. For example, to cut out the distractions of social media, I’m focussing more on schedules, study time and using my time on more healthy and worthwhile activities, such as exercise and reading. I go on social media so much, and I hate myself for it. A video I watched recently called ‘Look Up’ made me decide for sure that I wanted to change and become less reliant on technology. Technology is a wonderful thing, granted, but too much and I begin to waste my time, doing things that are pointless and distracting myself from what is truly important.
Here is the video:

Whilst it is slightly ironic in its choice of format, like the ‘Get Off The Phone’ song by Rhett and Link, I still think the message is important, that we should try to reduce the amount of time we spend on technology and spend more on face-to-face interaction. I much prefer talking in real life to people anyway, although it’s not always possible.

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Room Decor + Mini Room Tour

Hello, all my lovely readers!

I have been slowly been working on perfecting the decor of my bedroom, as many other things in my life have been getting in the way of me finishing the project. However, it was truly thrilling to finally finish it today – I am SO pleased with how it turned out!! 😀 So, I’m finally going to show you all some photos and do a little room tour of some of the other elements of my room! ❤

I’m just going to briefly shout out to my good blogging friend, Laura aka SerendipiDIY! Some of her room decor posts inspired me in the decoration of my room. She is honestly my FAVE blogger as her posts always have such great content, writing and photographs. Please please please click on the link to her blog! She’s amazing and also the loveliest person! 🙂

And now, on with the post…


Door sign to my room

I made this sign for my bedroom a couple of years ago using some Sharpies ❤ Washi Tape and a piece of scrap cardboard! I love the texture of it, and it is still nice, so I keep it as an entrance sign to the safe haven that is my bedroom…


Blackboard Heart Sign

On the other side, we have a blackboard heart sign that I decorated with coloured chalks! ❤  I just love the sign; it was given as a birthday present for my 15th. I only recently decided to change the chalk design, but it turned out so much better than expected, and so I kept it! 🙂 By the way, I have a low-key addiction to chalk drawing. Over the summer holidays, my sister and I decorated the paving slabs in our front garden with loads of chalk drawings. The best part is that you can wash it off and start again! ❤


Quote-in-a-heart and mosaic mirror

I am completely in love with this gorgeous mirror that my mum made! My mum used to do a lot of handmade mosaic projects, and one of them was this. It shows two seahorses and uses loads of gorgeous colours! ❤ Hung just above it is one of the many positive quotes that I have hung around my room. This one was given as a 15th birthday present and it says ‘Life is better when you’re laughing.’ I could not agree more! 😀

On the opposite wall is the BIG project that I have been working on for months! Ever since I got a gorgeous new single bed with pull-out to replace my bunk bed, I have been trying to perfect the back wall with lots of pictures, personal items and my bookcase. I will show you the finished product, and then some close-ups! I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of my DIYs before, although this was fairly easy to do!

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25 Question Tag


Today’s blog is going to be the 25 Question Tag, started by Ann, which was derived from a 100 Questions post she found on Facebook. You guys should go check her blog out, it’s awesome! 🙂

Below I will include all of the 100 questions so you can select 25 of your choice for the tag. I tag anyone who wants to do this to do it, please let me know if you do end up doing it, I would love to read your own posts and find out a little more about you!


1 Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Yes, 100%. If I were to use them during my stay, they would just replace them for the next person, so what’s wrong with grabbing some travel size bottles for other, less luxurious accommodations? I also take little tea and sugar sachets (mostly for my Type 1 diabetic dad). Let me know if you think this is wrong, if so, I’m sorry 😦

2 Do you like to use post-it notes?

Yes. If you give me post-it notes, I might go a little bit crazy using them. I once got this set of flowery post-it notes and I used them for pretty much everything. I am stationary mad!

3 Do you always smile for pictures?

Pretty much. I can’t really pull off the pout/not smiling face. Why not look happy in a picture?



4 What is your Song of the Week?

Everglow by Coldplay – sheer musical perfection! Or maybe A Head Full Of Dreams, also by Coldplay! ❤

5 Tea or coffee?

Tea! Iced Tea, Peppermint Tea, Normal Tea, Black Lipton Tea! I do like a frappe or a latte but not straight coffee! 😛


6 What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

Ketchup – I don’t really like mayonnaise, brown sauce, barbecue sauce or mustard. Only ketchup (or as my Aussie family insist on calling it ‘tomato sauce!’)

7 What is your favorite food?

I don’t even know. Probably pizza or something else Italian, like gnocchi or lasagna or something. Or maybe burgers and chips. Or bangers and mash. Or tortilla chicken wraps.Or ice-cream. Or maybe strawberry cheesecake (mmm!) I just love food, you can’t make me choose a favourite!

8 What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

Music and Lyrics, Clueless, A Cinderella Story, About Time, Enchanted, Beauty and the Beast, Blended and He’s Just Not That Into You

9 When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

I wrote a letter to one of my good friends, Gabrielle, to thank her for her constant support and to tell her I would miss her when she went to her new sixth form. That must have been about 3 to 4 months ago. 

10 Best thing to eat for breakfast?

Continental breakfast all the way! Ideal breakfast is waffles/scotch pancakes with maple syrup or Nutella, a blueberry muffin, a mini flapjack slice, a glass of fruit juice and lemon curd/blueberry yoghurt.


11 Do you sing in the car?

My dad, my sister and I are ALWAYS singing in the car, especially on long journeys. We all go to a choir, and we sing everything from The Beatles to Queen to Lawson. Sometimes dad even sings Taylor Swift and Jess Glynne with me and my sister!

12 Do you sing in the shower?

I just LOVE singing – what do you expect? Whilst I’m showering I almost always have a playlist on and am singing along! #noshame

13 Do you think musicals are cheesy?

I think they can be, but it doesn’t stop me loving them. I’ve been in 2 musicals (High School Musical: On Stage and We Will Rock You!) so far in school, with another in progress (Hairspray).



Program for School Production of HSM: On Stage


14 DJ or band, at a wedding?

Band – I love live music! The band at my cousin’s wedding were absolutely brilliant – when you can get good performers it makes all the difference!

15 Which are better: black or green olives?

None! I absolutely detest olives whereas my sister, dad, and mum all like them. I’m often the black sheep of the family, but I don’t mind!

16 Can you knit or crochet?

My grandma taught me how to knit at a very young age. I have made little blankets for my sister’s dolls in the past, but I don’t tend to knit much anymore, though I still know how.

17 Best room for a fireplace?

Living room – cosy, warm, family room where you can sit on the sofa and cuddle. Ideally under a mantlepiece!

18 Do you want to get married?

Yes, I do at some point, but I doubt it will be for another 10+ years! We’ll have to see!

19 Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?

No! Goodness me, people like that infuriate me – you have to understand that things won’t always go your way or you’ll never get anywhere! It can be hard sometimes but you just learn to accept it.

20 What’s your favorite colour?

Sky blue! There are few things I love more than a beautiful blue sky with a few fluffy clouds and the sunshine bringing warmth to my skin. Heavenly… 🙂  ❤


21 Do you miss anyone right now?

I miss the people I have lost, three of my grandparents and a cousin. I miss them every single day but I pray that they are in a better place and I will someday meet them again ❤

22 Nike or Adidas?

Not faffed, to be honest. I’m not a big fan of branding and labels – the only Nike/Adidas items in the house belong to my sister, not me! :p



800 metres training


23 Can you curl your tongue?

No, I cannot! 😦 Other than my dad, everyone else in my family can, and this enables them to be able to blow bubbles with gum, which I cannot do 😥

24 Own any record albums?

I don’t own any, but my dad has some – he has all the oldies, like Electric Light Orchestra (love them!), Queen (legends!) and various others. We dug them out of the garage the other day!

25 Own a record player?

Again, it is owned by my dad, but it isn’t currently working – we need a replacement stylus, but once we get that we’ll be happily playing records again.

BONUS QUESTION: Who would you like to see in concert?

Lawson (hopefully this will be soon!), Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Jess Glynne, Bastille, Justin Timberlake, McFly or The Script.

Well, that was the 25 Questions Tag! What surprised you the most? Comment down below!

Looking forward to your responses!



My Bucket List (To be updated)

  1. Visit Canada
  2. Visit Berlin
  3. Backpack around the world on limited funds
  4. Volunteer as an aid worker in Africa
  5. Random Acts of Kindness
  6. Skydiving
  7. Cover an entire wall with bookshelves full of book I love
  8. Go to a music festival
  9. See Coldplay in concert
  10. See Lawson in concert
  11. Travel the world with my best friends
  12. Have the same best friend from now for life
  13. Meet my ‘soulmate’
  14. Remake Rhett and Link’s ‘All Night Long’ Video
  15. Ziplining (done before, want to do a bigger one)
  16. Go to Wimbledon
  17. Ride in a helicopter
  18. Fly an aeroplane
  19. Do something major for charity
  20. Get two degrees at university
  21. Have a job that I love going to every day
  22. Be part of a gigging band
  23. Release an album of original songs

15 Facts About Me (Tag)



Me in my dress for my cousin’s wedding ~ 24/09/16



First of all, I’m sorry about my absence from this blog for a while! I’ve been super busy with school, and unfortunately, in my final year, a focus on my studies has to come first! Still, I will try to update as regularly as possible 🙂

So I really, really wanted to do some sort of tag with other WordPress users so that the reader can get to know me, and hopefully some other bloggers, and therefore we can support each other. Inspired by a 30 Questions tag I saw on Facebook and played personally with one of my best friends, I felt that maybe I should do something similar, except for the fact that there are just going to be facts about me rather than set questions to answer. So for the 15 Facts About Me (Tag), I will be tagging two of my favourite bloggers and friends, Sara and Frederike. These two are great and you should definitely check their blogs out!

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