My Love for the Classic Movie Musical

A recent trip with a friend to see La La Land in the cinema, a modern-day homage to old Hollywood musical films, which I absolutely loved, has ignited a fierce and sudden passion for all things movie musical, especially the classics with the likes of Sinatra, Kelly, Astaire and others. Whilst I had delved previously into the genre, having sang some of these songs in various choirs and watched some of the most famous on the television around Christmas time, I had not really immersed myself in the classic movie musical world.

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The Valentine’s Project

The Valentine's Project.png

My idea for a Valentine’s Day post was to collect different interpretations on what love is from a variety of viewpoints. I wanted to show the fact that love isn’t just for those ‘in love’. I’ve asked friends, family and fellow bloggers the question:

“What does the word ‘love’ mean to you?”

The responses I have received are raw, honest, poetic at times and, perhaps most importantly, diverse. I wanted to share with you today, on Valentine’s Day, many people’s different viewpoints on the definition of love. What love means to each of these individuals may differ in wording, but beneath it all, we are all motivated by the love for the people who touch our hearts daily. I have decided to name this little collection ‘The Valentine’s Project’

I will now share with you some beautiful, varied perspectives on love…

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An Important Message…

I originally wrote this for the Paris Attacks. I have thus extended it in the wake of the incident in Berlin this week, as I feel that this message is very relevant, and always will be. It would be a great help if you could share this, and feel free to add your own input if you wish. We can all do our bit to fight terrorism in our own little ways.

I love Tori Kelly, and I feel that her version of ‘Colors Of The Wind’ is almost an anthem for the message I want to send. We need to live in harmony with one another – listen to what each other say, learn to understand one another and allow each other to grow in love. ❤

I’d like to say that we have lost so many innocent lives recently that it is breaking my heart. I cannot even begin to imagine how horrendous this massacre must have been for those who were there. I have heard so many stories from survivors about the lengths they and other individuals went to in order to try and save each other. People like that are the kind of people who make this world a livable place when things like this happen. The world is being hit by too many terrorist attacks, and it seems at times like we’re further away from peace ever, and it seems as though we should give up hoping for peace. It’s at times like these when I really hold those I love close, and I appreciate everything I have been given, especially friends and family.

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What I’ve learned from travelling

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? I am fortunate to have traveled to many places all over the world – but not everything is about having fun, or lying on a beach, as great as that might be.

There are several lessons I have learned from all my travels:

1. The world is a beautiful place that was made for us to exploreWP_20160809_13_09_28_ProEveryday, ask yourself – if there are so many places in the world that are beautiful, then why aren’t I making an effort to see them? There is beauty in everything – you don’t have to pay huge amounts of money to find something that takes your breath away, which brings me to my next point…

2. Sometimes it is better to go back to basics


The more you remove yourself from everyday life and home comforts when you travel, the more rewarding the experience will be. Sometimes fancy hotels can provide a distraction when you really just need to get out there and explore. Don’t get yourself down about saving for a big fancy holiday – just save for a cheap flight and decent hostel. If you research enough, you can find some amazing deals. Needing the hotel to be expensive in order for it to be ‘good’ is completely false! Only a decent quality of service is necessary!

3. Pack light


If there is one thing you don’t want to be doing on holiday, it’s lugging heavy baggage around with you. You honestly don’t need every piece of clothing in your wardrobe, even if you’re travelling for months. Pack a few staple items that can be interchanged and put them in a backpack, so your hands can be free when you need to check in etc. If you only have one backpack, this can go in an overhead locker and you won’t have to pay to check in bags, and you won’t have to wait for luggage carousels. Simple things like this mean you can spend more time travelling and less time faffing about clothing. You can always wash clothes if you need to, anyway!

4. Capture the memories


At the end of the day, whilst selfies and travelling are a good combination, in the years to come you will appreciate the pictures of the views and the places that you visited. You will want some pictures that don’t have your face in every frame. Invest in a basic digital camera, or use your phone. Make videos and pictures and learn how to capture images in the best light. These will be the memories that you cherish, don’t waste them. You can also capture the memories by collecting postcards like I do.

And finally…

5. Don’t stay in just one place


If you’re visiting a country, you want to be able to experience it as much as possible. When you go to a place be sure to vary your activities so that you get to live the culture that surrounds you. Make sure to leave a day or two so that you are free to explore, but plan some activities. You could have a relaxing morning on the beach followed by a walk to the museum. You could go to the theatre and then a famous memorial. You never know what you might learn! One thing I suggest is bus tours. But only the ones that you can hop-on and 0ff! One good company for this, that can be found around the world is City Sightseeing. This way you can see a variety of different sites, but you have no time-restrictions AND you get unlimited travel! A win-win! 😀

I hope I’ve encouraged you to go out there are travel! What have you learned from your travels?




A BIG Thank You! 50+ Followers


Today had been a pretty tough day: I had double Geography (including test results and controlled assessment), followed by THREE maths mock exam papers. Although I am quite strong at maths and enjoy it, this was not necessarily what I wanted to be doing on a Friday of all days.

I quickly looked at my WordPress on my way out of school after my final exam – and there it was: 50 followers! 😄😮🎉 It made me realise how far I have come since my first blog post. Bear in mind, this was only written in June!

Thank you so much to every single one of my followers – your support means everything and I love how I have been welcomed into the blogging community with truly open arms. 😄 I have to say that this day has truly been sneaking up on me, it was such a LOVELY surprise to discover that so many people with their blogs, all over the world, have decided to follow my ramblings on my blog 😀 It has truly made my day, so thank you again to all! ❤️🎉🎉

I love reading all of your blogs and interacting on those as well – you are all truly talented. It always makes my day to read your beautiful posts, to become friends with you, and indeed, learn from your blogs. Thank you to anyone who has tagged me to do challenges and nominated me for awards, it makes me feel truly appreciated. ❤️

Thank you for everyone who attended Steph J‘s Fall Feeling Party on her blog. It was an excellent experience for me, and I’m sure you’ll all agree it has helped us all to find each other and integrate into the community here! 🙂 I think I speak for us all when I say we look forward to the Christmas party! 🎄🎅🎉😄

I would like all of my followers to get to know each other because there are some truly talented people behind the blogs that follow my own. Please check out all of these blogs if you haven’t already, they are AWESOME! 💪I’m going to give you all shoutouts below, followed by a little announcement:

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My little announcement is that I am planning on creating a new tag – I’m planning on calling it ‘The Reader’s Playlist’. Basically, I’m going to have categories, for example:

Tears: Books and songs that made you cry your eyes out 

I would love any suggestions that you guys have for categories (things that relate to books and music) to be in the comments. I will credit any suggestions I use, of course 🙂 ❤ I also need you to comment whether you like my logo as it is below, or whether you think I should use a different colour/re-design it!


Anyway, thank you all again! I look forward to continuing to make you all smile 😀





Saturday Shoutouts #1

Hey, guys!

Today’s blog is going to be about some of my favourite blogs recently, and some of my favourite posts of theirs! I’m going to keep this as short as possible, but these guys really deserve some love for their amazing blogs! 🙂 ❤

1. SerendipiDIY aka Laura 

Screenshot 2016-10-08 at 00.20.49.png

Laura honestly has one of the most amazing blogs I’ve ever seen! 😍 She posts regularly, her DIYs are always so perfect, she posts in Italian AND English (bilingual!) and she is super friendly and nice! She recently got 100 follows and I’m so proud of her, as she is relatively new to the blogging world, just 20 days of blogging! 🙂 Her DIYs are so simply laid out, yet so effective, and she is so talented in her art! ❤ 😍

Here are some of my favourite posts from SerendipiDIY:

DIY Baked Sharpie Plates – These turned out so beautifully, and it just makes me want to be that creative and artistic!

DIY Chalk Paint Heart Candle Holder – This is just so pretty and I want to make it so much and just light so many candles. So perfect for this time of year! ❤

DIY Cork Board Calendar – This is such a simple DIY, yet so effective and can be made really personal. Like Laura says, it can literally take 10 minutes to do and it would still turn out really well. I really need one of these to keep track of exams and revision!

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GCSE Results

Just a quick note to all those receiving their GCSE Results tomorrow: I wish you all the very best of luck! I hope you all went out there and absolutely smashed it, and you’re now all set to pursue the future that you had in mind. There will, of course, be some disappointments for some, but just know that there are plenty of other options available, and who knows, maybe someday you’ll be thankful that things turned out this way. The last thing I want you to know is that you are a blessing. You are so loved and cared for that be it good or bad, you will be able to have the comfort and support of those around you. And not only are YOU blessed, but whatever happens tomorrow is a blessing in disguise. Maybe it’s a wake-up call. Perhaps it will lead you down an unexpected path in your life. So just embrace it. Own it and take charge of your future!

I am so proud of every one of you!

A final GOOD LUCK! from me!



Slow Down, Reflect and Live

WP_20160706_11_23_12_Pro.jpgOften in life, it can be difficult to take our eyes away from what is front of us, our hopes, goals, ambitions. But it is just as important to divert our attention away from that and live in the moment.

Go out and fulfill that bucket list, travel the world, meet up with your friends instead of talking to them online – it’s much better for you to be outside and enjoying the fresh air than being sat at home all the time.

People often don’t want to meet up with people unless they are going out to do something, such as shopping, bowling, watching a film, going out for lunch. But unfortunately, all this comes at a cost – money. Often friends don’t want to meet up if they don’t have money to do ‘stuff.’ Whilst it can be nice to make memories of you physically doing activities you enjoy, you don’t have to have a reason or an activity to do in order to meet up.

One of my best friends, Kornelia, really appreciates this fact. We both understand that being on a tight budget, and also not necessarily wanting to do anything other than chat, that we can just decide one day that we’re going to a park for an in-depth chat. And that is great because we actually engage in conversation with each other and talk about ourselves, rather than getting caught up in whatever activity we are doing. Although it is fun to go tp the cinema or wherever with your friends, you could ultimately do it alone. A long awaited catch up, though? Not so much.

I love to just sit with someone, maybe a packet of sweets or something to eat, and just talk about life in general. It costs nothing, it helps you to know and understand the other person better, and it can help to relieve your day-to-day stresses. Ever since a trip to Kintbury in Year 7, I have learned the importance of taking a step back from life and the bigger picture. Focus on the now, what you can do right now, rather than what you can plan for the future.

I don’t want to have to plan months in advance to meet you, to fit around both our schedules. We don’t need to spend all day, or even lunch, together to have a good time.

Do what you can to live in the now, today! Live in the moment and stop thinking about the future for a bit – you won’t regret it!