What I’ve learned from travelling

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? I am fortunate to have traveled to many places all over the world – but not everything is about having fun, or lying on a beach, as great as that might be.

There are several lessons I have learned from all my travels:

1. The world is a beautiful place that was made for us to exploreWP_20160809_13_09_28_ProEveryday, ask yourself – if there are so many places in the world that are beautiful, then why aren’t I making an effort to see them? There is beauty in everything – you don’t have to pay huge amounts of money to find something that takes your breath away, which brings me to my next point…

2. Sometimes it is better to go back to basics


The more you remove yourself from everyday life and home comforts when you travel, the more rewarding the experience will be. Sometimes fancy hotels can provide a distraction when you really just need to get out there and explore. Don’t get yourself down about saving for a big fancy holiday – just save for a cheap flight and decent hostel. If you research enough, you can find some amazing deals. Needing the hotel to be expensive in order for it to be ‘good’ is completely false! Only a decent quality of service is necessary!

3. Pack light


If there is one thing you don’t want to be doing on holiday, it’s lugging heavy baggage around with you. You honestly don’t need every piece of clothing in your wardrobe, even if you’re travelling for months. Pack a few staple items that can be interchanged and put them in a backpack, so your hands can be free when you need to check in etc. If you only have one backpack, this can go in an overhead locker and you won’t have to pay to check in bags, and you won’t have to wait for luggage carousels. Simple things like this mean you can spend more time travelling and less time faffing about clothing. You can always wash clothes if you need to, anyway!

4. Capture the memories


At the end of the day, whilst selfies and travelling are a good combination, in the years to come you will appreciate the pictures of the views and the places that you visited. You will want some pictures that don’t have your face in every frame. Invest in a basic digital camera, or use your phone. Make videos and pictures and learn how to capture images in the best light. These will be the memories that you cherish, don’t waste them. You can also capture the memories by collecting postcards like I do.

And finally…

5. Don’t stay in just one place


If you’re visiting a country, you want to be able to experience it as much as possible. When you go to a place be sure to vary your activities so that you get to live the culture that surrounds you. Make sure to leave a day or two so that you are free to explore, but plan some activities. You could have a relaxing morning on the beach followed by a walk to the museum. You could go to the theatre and then a famous memorial. You never know what you might learn! One thing I suggest is bus tours. But only the ones that you can hop-on and 0ff! One good company for this, that can be found around the world is City Sightseeing. This way you can see a variety of different sites, but you have no time-restrictions AND you get unlimited travel! A win-win! 😀

I hope I’ve encouraged you to go out there are travel! What have you learned from your travels?